Tiffany & Co. & me?

Click:  BALL OF YARN  for your new Christmas List addition!

Ridiculous, I know.  But it’s part of their “everyday objects” collection so it’s not pretentious, right?  I actually have a soft spot in my heart for Tiffany’s thanks to the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and if they asked me to spin silver for them I probably would.  Although they need to know, I actually spin gold (now, who’s being pretentious!).  But I do, I really do – all spinners do.  There’s something magical and deeply satisfying about taking one kind of material (random fuzz:) and transforming it so completely to another kind of thing (thread!).  The beauty is that while it’s a whole new thing, it still retains elements of the original material too.  Wool stays warm and springy, while cotton stays cool and soft, even though they’ve just become golden threads that will be knitted or woven into “everyday objects” that are priceless to me.

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