And so it begins…

Does everyone begin their blog with “I don’t know what to say…”?  Probably, so I won’t (although I kinda just did).  Of course, it isn’t really the beginning.  I did start a blog, way back in 2009 when it was a cool, new thing to do.  I made all of three entries.  You know you want to go look.  I’ll wait…it won’t take you long!

first try

So, cake aside, I’m excited to begin documenting my fiber work in a more public way.  As a long-time member of the Ravelry community, I find the thought of posting my teaching, weaving and spinning here in the wilds of the internet, where potentially unsympathetic eyes might wander along, a bit daunting but also amazing because I do want to share with those who aren’t necessarily a part of the fiber community.  Fiber arts are so ancient and yet so lost to many folks today who only interact with thread and cloth in a really cursory way.  Our virtual lives often overshadow our material existence or tangible interaction with the world around us.  I’d like to help people change that.  Of course, the irony of doing that through a blog and website, the virtual most virtual, is not lost on me.  SO, if you are here, dear reader, stop right now and look down at the clothes you are wearing instead of at this screen.   Look closely at the threads and fibers that form something you have invited into your most personal space, wearing on your body.  And know that while machines have taken over the creation of these garments, human hands still know how to do it.  Your hands could learn.  To quote one of my most favorite lines…

“tho’ industrialism has now won almost complete victory, the handcrafts are not killed and they cannot be quite killed because they meet an inherent, indestructible, permanent need in human nature.”  – Eric Gill


5 thoughts on “And so it begins…”

  1. Excited about your new blog! Believe it or not, documenting projects – including how I corrected what didn’t go right the first time – proves a great help for me, the writer, on my own blog, no matter who else happens to see and use the content!!


  2. So happy you have started a new writing/sharing adventure that I can benefit from while sitting here in my cozy chair! Can’t wait for the next istallment!!


  3. I love that quote! As a lover of all things fiber (especially wool), I’m excited to follow along. I’m a knitter wanna be weaver and my new Turkish spindle should be here any day, so I can start spinning! I can’t wait to learn.


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