on the loom/at the wheel

“But have you ever noticed one encouraging thing about me, Marilla? I never make the same mistake twice.

I don’t know as that’s much benefit when you’re always making new ones.

Oh, don’t you see, Marilla? There must be a limit to the mistakes one person can make, and when I get to the end of them, then I’ll be through with them. That’s a very comforting thought.”

– Anne of Green Gables

I take comfort that there might be a limit to the mistakes one weaver can make since, like Anne, I also seem to keep discovering new ones!  But there’s this one mistake I just can’t seem to stop making!  This week’s what’s on the loom is lovely!


I really like this pattern and the yarns I’ve choose.  There’s only one little, (and it is little, so that’s something:) problem – I’m weaving it upside down…again.  Someday I’ll remember to double-check whether the pattern is a sinking-shed or a rising-shed one and set up my loom accordingly.  In the end, it doesn’t really matter to the final project, which side of the cloth is facing me as I work, especially when the back is also pretty,


but it would be nice to see the actual pattern as I work.  Mistakes are there to help us learn and the life lesson take away on this one is, of course, enjoy your view of the journey even if you can’t quite always see how beautiful the finish will be.

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