And she’s off…

The latest scarf has come off the loom, “got fringed”, and enjoyed a lovely hot bath.  Now she’s ready for her close-up Mr. DeMille…


Oh my, the movement in that fabric.  There’s a daintiness to it that almost looks like little flowers but then the lines flow around them with so much energy.  It turned out even more sweet that I had hoped.  Given how Ms and Os works as a weave structure, I was also hoping that the drape on this scarf would be even lovelier than the others, if that was actually possible given that the drape is SO amazing with this bamboo.  In this pattern there are grouped warp threads that give a little space in the weave that I thought would work really nicely with the bamboo.  Again, it’s hard to tell if there’s MORE drape, but the drape is truly luscious on this scarf.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the weaving went much faster than the twill scarves.  The treadling was exactly the same as the last scarf so that can’t explain it.  My speculation is that because this has plain weave as a large part of the structure, it made working with the bamboo just a little easier.  I didn’t feel like I had to be quite as aware of the selvedges as they seemed to behave themselves much better.  Whatever the reason, this was simply a joy to weave and unlike any of the others, I want to make this one again right away!

2 thoughts on “And she’s off…”

  1. This one shows so nicely how the weave relaxes into those flowing lines you mentioned…from on-the-loom taut to off-loom relaxed. Just lovely!


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