all orange, all the time

This week’s “on the loom/at the wheel” includes a bonus, Thanksgiving week! (when I was too stuffed like a turkey to doing any blogging…this blog is a demanding taskmaster when there is pie to eat…)

Last week I finished the most orange of orange scarves.  Let this be a lesson to all ye who shall shop for bamboo yarn using computer monitors.  I seriously thought this would be a lovely red when I ordered it.  What? Yes, I’m too trusting.  I still like it though, even if the colors are intense.  We’ll see if anyone else does…


I also think it looks pretty with the other scarves I have finished!


THIS week on the loom is yet another scarf, but lest you start to feel bored…it’s NOT A TWILL pattern!!  I’m doing something new to me.  I’ve seen M’s and O’s woven, even helped a student create some napkins in a simple 4 shaft version, but have just never woven it myself.  Situation rectified!


I love it.  Super interesting.  The other side is just as cool, maybe cooler (it might be that the scarf is being woven upside down…again…but I’ll never admit it).  I always suspected I’d like this structure (and apparently, I’m very clever in my suspicions:)  Can’t wait to see it off the loom and after a nice bath:)

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