And now for something completely different…

I can’t seem to stop tatting these little leaves!!  And I don’t even like tatting.  I’ve known how to tat for nearly 20 years and did it a lot in graduate school, but since I learned to spin and weave, I’m usually not drawn to it.  Lately, however, my Guild has been just crawling with tatters and they keep proselytizing others.  I hate to believe I’m giving in to peer pressure…just want to hang with the cool kids!…but here I am!  My husband keeps walking by saying, “but I thought you hated tatting.”  And I say, “I DO!” and then I make another leaf.


I’d rather think this obsession is a result of the excruciating 95 degree weather…EVERY DAY…in SEPTEMBER!! These little leaves are my plea for Fall to please fall soon.  My fingers finding something completely different to do is an attempt to get the weather to now do something completely different…

(even made a little acorn, although that is not as fun since despite the weather, my deck is still constantly full of acorns, if I have to fight acorns I should be able to do it without heat stroke:)


1 thought on “And now for something completely different…”

  1. It’s hard to believe you hate something your this good at.. LOL Tatting is one thing I would have liked to have learn from my Mom. Your so talented!


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