Home again home again

…jiggity-jig.  Or maybe “loomity-loom” is more like it.  So nice to get back to the loom and really feel at home.  I never thought weaving would be my favorite fiber craft but it is certainly the one I miss the most when I can’t do it for whatever reason.  Starting a new project the past couple days was like “old home week” (does anyone still say that anymore? it’s in the Oxford Dictionary so it must be legit:)

I also spent some time giving Warren a nice clean-up.  He got vacuumed and dusted and re-greased AND the addition of 400 new heddles that move so smoothly on the heddle bars its like butter on a hot skillet (be thankful that’s the country-ism I decided on, my Dad’s favorite “it’s slicker’n snot on a door handle” also came to mind but I won’t subject you to it…oh, wait…I did).  They are so shiney. SO. SHINEY.


Then, he was ready for a new warp.  While the scarf and Ms and Os obsession continues unabated, I am actually putting an overshot baby blanket on at the moment.  My Guild was doing an overshot “Weave-A-Long” last Fall. I am what you might call “fashionably late”, but I had already made the plan and have the yarn so here I go.  Trust me, there are others who are still also working on their projects too (ok, not just starting but all the same, working!) so I jumped in.  I don’t have anything yet to show but I thought it might be interesting to see how the loom gets a warp on it.  Macomber, my type of loom, is extraordinary for all kinds of reasons but one of the best is that parts fold out of the way so you can climb right in it and do your work.  Here’s the Squiggle willing to demonstrate how I sit “in” the loom to do the threading!


I kept trying to get her to smile at me.  She said she wouldn’t look at the camera so it would seem like she was really working…the tongue was the finishing touch :q


BUT the REAL point is look how close you can sit to the heddles!!

1 thought on “Home again home again”

  1. My loom is the same, you can drop the back beam and sit right behind the castle to thread. I think I could also do that in front like yours, if I wanted to, but I warp front to back.

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